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Integrated System


Integrated System

Integrated System


The Scout CCTV integrated safety monitoring system includes up to two cameras (suspended and/or fixed), a fully integrated monitor (24VDC or 100-240VAC) and a junctionbox. The system can be configured for Zone 1 / 2, and / or Safe Zone use.


Safe Zone Integradet Monitor Cabinet:

MC01 - 100-240VAC

MC02 - 24VDC


Optional Cran Cameras with Magnetic Pendelum:

Scout 100C - NonEx

Scout 100C Exd - Exd Zone 1 / 2


Optional Fixed Cameras:

Scout 100F - NonEx

Scout 100F Exd - Exd Zone 1 / 2


Optional Junction Box: 

Pro-Box 100 - NonEx

TNCN101007 - Exe





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