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We supply complete camera systems (above and underwater) adapted to the customer's needs in retail, mining, smelter, transport, construction industry, offshore, maritime and farming.

Our business and manufacturing operations are located in Bryne, southwest Norway, and most of our components are engineered, manufactured, and assembled here in our local facility which gives us better control over product quality, production, system - testing, and delivery times.

Scout CCTV release a new camera and audio/radio communication system

Here we present an integrated solution for helicopter decks where the camera images and radio connection for helicopter decks are recorded in a secure technical way where the recordings are saved in a proper and good way, in accordance with data security in general and the EU GDPR regulations. The data is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

This equipment complies with paragraph 40 and 41 in BSL D5-1

Specialized in onshore and offshore camera system production

Scout CCTV – have specialised in the production of offshore crane camera housings. In 2010, NMI developed the magnetically dampened pendulum bracket for offshore cranes and it is from this product that the company went on to develop the complete Scout CCTV range of safety cameras, monitors, and more.


Scout CCTV monitors, cameras and systems were designed with a focus on safety through simple solutions. That’s why Scout CCTV products were developed to pair with standard CAT7 cables - eliminating the need to pre-order custom cables. Furthermore, Scout CCTV Ex products are certified with IECEx, ATEX, and Certex, so you can be sure you are purchasing the safest equipment for the job.


Scout CCTV engineers were the first to design and develop the fully closed, magnetically dampened pendulum bracket for crane arm mounting. Today, their next-to-no maintenance, non-explosive, magnetic pendulum brackets are used all over the world.


Scout CCTV operations are located in the Stavanger region - the hub of Norway’s oil industry - and most components are engineered, manufactured and serviced at its local facility. This allows greater control over product quality, production, system-testing and delivery times.

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