Scout 100-IP Safe Zone camera is designed to assist crane operators carry out the safe transfer of loads in non- explosive environments, even during blind lifts.

 The Scout 100-IP Safe Zone camera can be delivered both as crane camera, and as fixed camera.

 Inside the camera housing the IP camera is equipped with CFCB-HD with full-HD (H.264) and are certificated with ONVIF standard as an all-in-one compact zoom camera.

Camera include standard features such as an advanced industrial surveillance, high resolution, colour camera unit with a thermostatically controlled heating element, integrated lens, 30x optical zoom, auto-focus (overrideable), advanced auto-iris and true day/night functionality, providing high picture quality even under poor light conditions.


The Safe Zone camera mounts onto crane booms with Scout CCTV’s oil-free PMB mounting bracket and Certex-approved safety wire.


  • Simple operation and easy installation
  • Highly durable stainless steel housing
  • Compact design
  • Can be installed on virtually any type of crane.


  • 30x optical zoom (12x digital zoom)
  • Sony Exmor® with Sensor with 2 Megapixel
  • HD Video upto 1080p at 30fps on H.264 Stream
  • Automatic wide dynamic range function
  • Power input 12V DC or PoE
  • Securely mounts onto Scout’s oil-free PMB bracket and Certex-approved safety Wire
  • Combines with Scout Safe Zone or / and Ex power supply, junction box, monitor, control box and fixed cameras
  • Pre-installed thermostatically controlled heating element
  • Connects with a standard halogen-free, mud resistant Cat7 cable for transmition of video, telemetry and power
  • As an option the camera can be delivered with a wide angle lens adapter (x0,45)

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