SightSensor TC

Thermal Detection & HD Color for Critical Site Security

The SightSensor TC is a dual-imager smart camera that combines the power of thermal detection with the power of visible color to detect targets with exceptional reliability over large perimeters.

The TC works at the edge and includes integrated video analytics, automatic stabilization and a toolbox of filters to optimize outdoor performance, analyzing the scene for security threats, and communicating alerts and video of the event in real time. SightSensors are IP66 rated and built for high reliability and longevity in harsh environments.

SightSensor TC’s thermal and visible imagers are optically aligned to create a rapid, real-time detection and assessment tool. Based on the rules you define, geospatial analytics place a red box on intruders – analyzing their speed, bearing, size, location – with a crisp thermal image for quick assessment.



  • Outstanding analytic performance
  • Unmatched detection range
  • Geospatial video analytics
  • Dual-Sensor Video Analytics (DSA)
  • Automatic stabilization
  • Buffer Zone protection
  • Auto-Steered PTZ
  • Great Thermal Clarity, Beautiful HD Color


  • Acquires the target in milliseconds – inside, outside, or at the fence
  • Covers massive areas over hundreds of meters far and wide
  • One-click detection zones – not tripwires – based on size, speed, bearing, and geo-location
  • Detects targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy
  • Reliable analytic detection in wind, vibrations, camera shake
  • Early warning detection before breaches happen for a faster pre-emptive response
  • Spins and zooms your PTZ onto the target – in real time – for critical situational awareness
  • Strikingly clear black and white thermal image and HD color helps discern the alarm in real time

SightSensors pack unprecedented power with the perfect outdoor human detector – thermal video – to detect targets with outstanding reliability. Integrated analytics place a red box on intruders based on rules that you define – speed, bearing, geo-location – with a crisp thermal image for quick assessment. An integrated HD visible imager provides color alarm assessment and visible spectrum detection.

Both thermal and color streams are viewable through a wide range of third-party VMS systems.

SightSensor TC offers economic benefits as well, detecting intruders over huge distances and wide areas hundreds of meters far and wide. This means fewer cameras and less infrastructure for larger outdoor areas.


The SightSensor TC is a fixed IP thermal camera, available in two models that detect up to 600 meters:

  • 320×240 for perimeters
  • 640×480 for perimeters and wide areas

Various lenses are available depending on your detection area. SightSurvey, our web-based design tool, picks the right lens for your site in a few clicks.

SightSensor TC – Running Detection

Yellow Boxes are Moving Objects That Do Not Meet Detection Criteria

From-To Zone Example

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