Command Recording Software

Command Recording Software

Windows-based video surveillance recording software supporting up to 500 cameras


  • Windows-based recording software supporting up to 500 cameras
  • Runs on a variety of platforms (individual workstations, March Networks recorders, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and large-scale virtual machines)
  • Flexible licensing – pay for only the cameras you need
  • Customizable user interface
  • Convenient external recording options (DAS, NAS and SAN)

Powerful video management software

For businesses requiring efficient, reliable video surveillance recording and storage, March Networks Command Recording Software is the ideal choice. This single-server VMS solution supports up to 500 cameras, and features flexible licensing, so you only pay for the channels you need. Command Recording Software runs on a variety of platforms – from individual workstations, to COTS servers and large virtual machines – and is easy to set up, thanks to its convenient Configuration Wizard, which guides you through its basic functionalities in just six easy steps.

An illustration showing multiple security cameras around a computer monitor.

Save on storage and bandwidth

Command Recording Software helps maximize overall system performance with built-in features that can help control bandwidth and save on storage space. The VMS software’s bandwidth limiting feature lets you control the amount of bandwidth uploaded to and from the server or recorder. Options for selective video recording, video removal and the ability to set maximum retention times also help you make the most efficient use of storage resources.

An illustration showing multiple hard drives, shrinking to become fewer hard drives.

Access at-a-glance performance insights

Get comprehensive data on system performance with Command Recording Software’s 

. Easily monitor recording performance, incoming and outgoing bitrates, and CPU usage with our VMS software’s helpful graphs and charts. Track data over the last 30 days to evaluate trends and pinpoint issues.

Never lose video

Never worry about losing video again. Command’s innovative Shadow Archiving feature allows for seamless access to recorded video, even when the primary recording server goes down. When combined with March Networks’ IP cameras, Shadow Archiving triggers the camera or redundant server to keep recording during a network outage, and then places the “missing” video in the exact sequence where it should be.

an illustration showing how March Networks cameras continue to record video during a network outage. The Shadow archiving feature re-inserts the recorded video from the camera in the right sequence.

Free Command player

Playback video exported from Command with our free Command Player, featuring de-warping and digital zoom capabilities. The player can be automatically included when exporting evidence files for third-party review.

a computer monitor displays video surveillance in the Command Recording Software user interface.

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