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Our powerful, feature-rich network video recorders (NVRs) are the most reliable in the industry. Choose from hybrid, tribrid or all-IP recording platforms.

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8708 and 8508 Series Hybrid NVR

8-Channel Recording Platform With its small form factor chassis, the 8508 S and 8708 S Hybrid NVRs are perfect for smaller footprint locations and standalone kiosks.

8716 P Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform with Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) For an easier and more cost-effective transition to IP video, the 8716 P Hybrid NVR supports up to eight analog and eight IP cameras, or up to 16 IP cameras, with built-in PoE.

8732 and 8532 Series Hybrid NVR

32-Channel Recording Platform. Our 32-channel recorder is purpose-built for larger installations with a powerful suite of video recording and management tools.

RideSafe GT Series Hybrid Transit NVRs

An enterprise-class video surveillance management and recording solution with full hybrid capabilities for bus and passenger rail operators.

RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders

Compact, rugged mobile recording and management solution for mid-sized vehicles like student shuttles and paratransit fleets. 

4 and 6-camera mobile recording and management solution

RideSafe RT Series IP Recorders

20-camera recording and management solution for rail applications

8704 S Hybrid NVR

4-Channel Recording Platform. Ideal for ATMs and other space-restricted areas, the 8704 S Hybrid NVR is a powerful recording platform with an impressive array of features including multi-level H.264 encoding, an internal battery backup and support for alternate stream recording.

8724 V Tribrid NVR

24-Channel Recording Platform Supporting HD Analog. Our 24-channel tribrid NVR is ideal for mid-to large size businesses that are migrating from standard analog video to high-definition (HD) resolutions and above.

8516 S and 8516 R Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform Supporting up to 16 video channels, the 8516 S and 8516 R Hybrid NVR is a high-performance recording platform with impressive scale.

8516 SR and RR Series Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform with integrated RAID5 Available in rack mount (RR Series) or stack mount (SR Series) options, the 8516 Series Hybrid NVRs deliver worry-free coverage with integrated RAID5 for increased data protection.

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