8716 P Hybrid NVR

16-channel hybrid recorder for a combination of up to eight analog and eight IP cameras or up to 16 IP cameras, with built-in PoE

For customers who want to improve the video quality from their existing analog cameras, and/or want the option to install a combination of IP and analog cameras, March Networks® hybrid recorders are the most robust, reliable, and feature-rich recorders on the market. The 8716 P hybrid recorder supports up to 16 cameras (analog and/or IP), and offers intuitive software for identifying fraud and monitoring store operations. The recorder’s built-in PoE switch makes it easier and more cost-effective to transition to IP video.


Key Benefits
▼ Built-in Class 3 PoE. A power budget of 64 watts is shared between the eight PoE ports, accommodating up to five Class 3 devices. This means the recorder powers the cameras without the need for an external PoE switch, reducing the overall equipment cost.
▼ Easy migration to IP. The built-in PoE functionality simplifies the migration from analog to IP cameras because it eliminates the need to order, install and maintain an external PoE switch.
▼ Embedded, Linux-based, and purpose-built. Customers can spend more time performing investigations and less time dealing with maintenance issues that can plague a PC-based recorder.
▼ Powerful video management software. With March Networks Command™ Recording Software and Command Enterprise Software, customers are equipped with the features and tools they’ll need to easily manage their video surveillance system.
▼ Integrate surveillance video with POS, teller and ATM transaction data. Customers can combine the recorder with March Networks Searchlight™ for alerts about potential theft, and powerful search tools that reduce investigation times from hours to minutes.
▼ Local display of all connected cameras. Customers and staff will know they’re being protected.
▼ QR Code. Use March Networks’ free GURU Smartphone App to scan the recorder’s front panel QR code for instant product information, like serial number, warranty information, etc.

Preview of Extracted Tabular Data

8716 P Series 16 channels, 30fps (Up to 8 analog and up to 8 IP;
  or up to 16 IP when analog inputs are disabled)
Capacity Up to 80 Mbps total across 16 cameras (analog or IP).
  Analog inputs capable of 30 FPS at 4CIF resolution.
Video Compression  
Analog H.264
IP Camera dependent
Max Analog Camera Inputs 8
Max IP Camera Inputs 16 (requires additional switch)
IP Camera Performance With all analog cameras enabled, up to 8 IP cameras
  With all analog cameras disabled, up to 16 IP cameras
  with separate switch
Video Output Composite or HDMI
Analog Audio Inputs 2, unbalanced, 10kΩ, 1Vp-p typical
Analog Audio Outputs 1, unbalanced, 600Ω, 1Vp-p
Analog Audio Codec G.711, 8 bit/8kHz, 64 kBit/s, unidirectional
Local Network 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
PoE Camera Network 8 ports (RJ-45), shared 64W power, 10/100 Base-T
Security Industry standard TLS 1.2 with strong AES encryption,
  HTTPS encryption, strong hashing algorithms SHA256,
  continuous security vulnerability assessment
Bandwidth Throttle Yes (can include exceptions on a per-IP address basis)
Bandwidth Scheduling Yes
Adaptive Bandwidth Yes
Remote Connection TCP/IP (IPv4)
Concurrent Remote No set limit
Internal Battery Enables systematic shutdown; no external UPS
communication required
Included Motion detection
Optional Camera obstruction, field-of-view monitoring, trip wire,
  loitering, presence detection

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