X0404 Hybrid NVR

The 4-Channel X-Series Hybrid Recorder — the 10th generation offering from March Networks offers a comprehensive suite of client interfaces that allow you to get your job done faster — from installation to investigation — with this appliancebased hybrid NVR as the backbone. This recording platform reinforces our reputation for manufacturing the most robust, reliable, and feature-rich recorder on the market, and allows you to migrate from 100% analog to 100% IP video at your own pace.

The X-Series Recording Firmware is the powerhouse behind the scenes that enables the efficient recording, storage, and retrieval of video for all of your organization’s cameras and transaction data. A host of advanced features help to insure an easy setup, intuitive health reporting, and a fault-tolerant system.

Key Benefits

▼ Powered by Nvidia System on a Chip (SoC). SoC technology includes both the hardware and firmware, so it uses less power, has better performance, requires less space and is more reliable than multi-chip systems.

▼ High capacity and performance. The recorder supports 4 concurrent connections at 1080p (primary channel) with an aggregate bandwidth of 300 Mbps.

▼ AI-enabled architecture. A dedicated AI engine powers future analytics applications.

▼ Encryption at rest. Prevent potential cybersecurity issues from accessing the recorder’s data by ensuring that data is encrypted when on the hard drive.

▼ Embedded, Linux-based, and purpose-built. Spend more time performing investigations and less time dealing with maintenance issues that can plague a COTS-based recorder.

▼ All camera licenses included. No need to pay for separate channel licenses; benefit from a full-featured recording platform right out of the box.

▼ Configurable recording policies. Record video based on user-definable variables, including schedule, motion, analytics, etc.

▼ Real-time health monitoring. Be alerted to camera, recorder and network issues within seconds.

▼ Network policies for bandwidth protection. Maximize system performance with features like max retention settings, multi-sector archiving, and selective video recording.

▼ Front panel QR code. Use March Networks’ free GURU Smartphone App to scan the recorder’s QR code to check warranty status and serial number.

▼ Powerful video management software. With March Networks Command™ Enterprise Software, you’ll be equipped with the features and tools you need to easily manage your video surveillance system

The X0404 Series Recorders are compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) FY19.


Future-proof your video surveillance investment with a platform that’s purpose-built to support tomorrow’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Introducing the X-Series, a powerful family of hybrid recorders with a dedicated AI engine and NVIDIA system-on-chip (Soc) technology – a rare feature in hybrid NVRs. Utilizing March Networks’ next-generation software for increased efficiency and performance, the X-Series provide a uniquely powerful and intelligent security solution that’s ideal for commercial organizations that want to move toward an AI-powered surveillance solution. The platform is fully compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Section 889.

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Increased throughput and storage

The X-Series is March Networks’ most powerful, high throughput hybrid recorder, supporting up to 400 Mbps of total bandwidth performance. Conveniently, the platform’s analog inputs support 1080p video at 30fps, allowing for sharper, HD analog images. If storage is a concern, the units’ individual capacity drives can store up to 16 TB and the total storage capacity is 64 TB.

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Powerful software that gets the job done faster

The X-Series Recording Firmware is the powerhouse behind the scenes that enables the efficient recording, storage, and retrieval of video for all of your organization’s cameras and transaction data. A host of advanced features help to ensure an easy setup, intuitive health reporting, and a fault-tolerant system.


Configure basic functions in six easy steps

Command Config is an intuitive tool that allows you to quickly configure the basic functionalities of your recorder’s firmware in just six steps. No training or user manual required. The wizard guides you through the process so you’re able to record, stream live video, and play back archived video evidence in minutes.



Security features for added peace of mind

The X-Series feature the highest level of protection for customer data with complete end-to-end encryption (from camera to recorder to enterprise management system to client software) with cameras supporting RTP/RTSP over HTTPs. Like all March Networks NVRs, the X-Series are embedded, Linux-based appliances. The customized OS removes unnecessary services and applications and locks all non-essential network ports, reducing the likelihood of attack; the customized OS also has a reduced volume of code that helps optimize overall system performance and minimize defects.

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Instant Wifi connection

The X-Series’ embedded Wifi dongle allows for an instant connection to the March Networks GURU Smartphone App. Using the app, you can scan the recorder’s QR code to check the warranty status, get in-field diagnostics support, and do on-site wireless provisioning. For convenience, the Wifi dongle can be easily disabled if required.

X-Series Wifi Dongle


Complete fault tolerance minimizes risk of losing video

March Networks’ innovative Shadow Archive feature allows for seamless access to recorded video for total fail-safe management, meaning that if the primary recorder goes down, backup recording immediately kicks in.


Convenient hybrid capability

The X-Series provide complete hybrid capability supporting a mix of IP, analog and HD analog channels, with up to 12 HD analog inputs across all models. This allows you to extend your analog investments while migrating to IP video surveillance cost-effectively and at your own pace. With its superior power and high bandwidth performance, the X-Series can also support all-IP installations.


Complete your security solution

View X-Series video remotely with March Networks Command Mobile and Web Client, or add March Networks Searchlight Application Software and ME6 Series IP Cameras to the X-Series for a uniquely powerful and intelligent security solution. The fully integrated solution gives you centralized video management, real-time alerts thanks to March Networks ACT, POS data integrated with video, intelligent dashboards for KPI insights, and next-generation security analytics powered by AI for the most accurate, real-time analysis and detection of events. You get one comprehensive solution for loss prevention/fraud detection and business optimization.

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