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Scout CCTV release a new camera and audio/radio communication system

Here we present an integrated solution for helicopter decks where the camera images and radio connection for helicopter decks are recorded in a secure technical way where the recordings are saved in a proper and good way, in accordance with data security in general and the EU GDPR regulations. The data is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

This equipment complies with paragraph 40 and 41 in BSL D5-1

The solution can be adapted with 1 – 8 cameras, where the radio communication is linked to the video at the current time. The recording can be easily and quickly retrieved, in addition to being able to watch live on PC records from, for example from the Radio Room.

The camera type used can be both analogue and IP camera, in addition to the use of controllable cameras, 360 degree camera or different EX versions of these camera types, depending on requirements and needs.One HDMI or composite video output.

Our recorders are hybrid, where both analog and IP cameras can be used in combination, very favorable choice if you already have cameras installed.

In addition, with a tested video link, it should be possible to send images from the helicopter wirelessly or from the platform, to connect and integrate this as a part of the system, the operator can then see the image from the client user interface.

By logging into the network remotely, you can see live from Helicopter deck or recorded material.