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Command Mobile Plus 2.0 with POS Transaction Data Now Available

Command Mobile Plus 2.0 now allows retail customers using March Networks Searchlight to see their point-of sale (POS) transactions integrated with video on their smartphone or tablet using the app. This means retail customers can quickly verify voids, discounts or any other unusual transactions right from the app.

March Networks® Command™ Mobile and Command Mobile Plus smartphone apps allow you to view live and recorded video on your mobile device, as well as Transaction Reports from March Networks Searchlight™. The apps work seamlessly with the cameras on your March Networks 8000, 9000, X Series, or RideSafe recorders. Additionally, Command Mobile is compatible with our Command Recording Software. Both apps run on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.



Key Benefits

▼ Situational awareness. Remotely conduct a “virtual patrol” to assess a situation in advance, prior to taking action, including PTZ control and dewarping of compatible 360° cameras.

▼ Transaction data. Command Mobile Plus is synched with Searchlight’s Transaction Reports, so you can view voids, discounts or any other transactions directly from the app.

▼ Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal. Connect directly to your recorders—even those behind a firewall—without having to open additional ports.

▼ Synchronized with Command Enterprise Software. The app is an extension of Command Client, so it accepts your existing Command login credentials, and gives you access to the folders, views and cameras already set up in Command Enterprise Software.

▼ View live and pre-recorded video. Search for archived video by time and date, then use the timeline slider to move back and forth in the recorded video.

▼ Get additional benefits with Command Mobile Plus. Command Mobile Plus offers additional features, such as additional camera displays, full HD for tablets, 32x fast forward/rewind, and the ability to email a snapshot

Investigate transactions integrated with video

Command Mobile Plus is synched with Searchlight for Retail’s Transaction Reports, allowing you to:

  • Display lists of all store transactions and filter by employee, transaction type, transaction amount, etc.
  • Show full receipt with line items
  • Analyze video via the easy-to-use interface
  • Find instances of internal theft
  • Evaluate employee behavior at POS (e.g., how well staff enters multi-item orders)

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