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Camera surveillance

AIRPORTS AROUND THE WORLD know how important it is to have a robust, reliable security system. Senior management at Torp Sandefjord Airport in Norway were well aware of the threats and security risks when they performed a review of their video surveillance Technology in 2014.


A review of Torp Sandefjord Airport’s video surveillance system in 2014 revealed several shortcomings, including issues with alarms, stability and playback functionality. Given the current risks faced by airports worldwide, a search was undertaken for a more reliable video surveillance system.


Following a trial of March Networks technology in 2015, Torp Sandefjord Airport acquired an advanced March Networks serverbased video surveillance solution and March Networks IP cameras.


Torp Sandefjord Airport is now confident in its video surveillance solution, which delivers the rapid search capability, live monitoring and high reliability it requires to respond quickly to potential threats, ensuring improved safety and security for airport staff and passengers

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