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The Mobile 7" LCD monitor increases situational awareness in and around the vehicle, for both drivers and passengers. This high-res monitor allows drivers to see clear images from cameras mounted at critical locations on the vehicle’s interior and exterior, including exit door cameras, side cameras, internal cameras, and rear view cameras. This visible reminder of comprehensive surveillance coverage increases driver confidence and helps passengers to feel safe. It can also improve night time driving visibility, reduce litigation costs, and help prevent avoidable collisions.

Key Benefits:

Safe and convenient viewing for drivers. The monitor is mounted in front of the driver, allowing for a complete view of the bus without compromising safety. 

Enhance safety of alighting passengers. When the doors open, the monitor will display images from the vehicle’s interior and exterior, allowing drivers to assure passengers are safe before pulling away. 

Make lane changes easier. As soon as the turn signals are engaged, video from exterior cameras are automatically displayed, giving the driver a clear view of the destination lane. 

Avoid rear end collisions. When the vehicle is in reverse, the monitor automatically displays the video from the rear view camera, allowing the driver to back up safely. 

Easy-to-use controls. The advanced on-screen display menus can be programmed on the monitor or via a remote control. Settings are then automatically saved and the front buttons locked. 

Detachable sunshade. See the monitor clearly, without glare, even in bright light and the reflection caused by the vehicle’s windows. 

TFT display. This variant of the traditional LCD technology improves image quality and contrast, especially in varying lighting conditions.