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The screen of the Scout CCTV 15" Polaris monitor is a TFT display with an XGA resolution at 1024x768 pixels and is characterized by its excellent brilliance and a very large reading angle.

The Scout CCTV Polaris Remote Video is reknowned for its very large read angle and is available in fully enclosed* 15" and 19.1" versions.

The Polaris monitor with TFT display with a composite video interface designed for mounting in multiple Ex zones. The Polaris monitor is easy to install via the unit's front panel fittings, or alternatively, enclosed in an optional stainless steel housing for wall, floor or ceiling-mounted installations.

• Simple operation and easy installation
• Highly durable stainless steel housing (optional)
• Can be delivered as Zone 1 and as Zone 2 monitor
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
• Excellent picture quality
• Multiple power options
• Compact design
• Documentation and instructions on USB memory stick

• Excellent brilliance and read angle
• Enclosure can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted
• Combines with Scout Safe Zone or / and Ex power supply, junction box, control box and cameras.
• Different mounting frames can be delivered on request
• LCD sunlight readable monitor
• Waterproof grade of IP65 (front) and IP54 (rear)