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The Brickstream® 3D Analytics Sensor captures and analyzes data on people counts, queue lengths/ wait times, presence detection, and service arrivals/ service times. These valuable metrics can reveal meaningful and actionable information on employee and customer behavior to improve customer service, optimize labor, increase revenues, and improve overall customer experience. The Gen 2 sensor features increased coverage, integrated mounting, and backward compatibility. 


  • Highly accurate people counting, queue length, dwell time and presence detection analytics
  • Ideal for complex, high traffic environments
  • Integrated with March Networks Searchlight to correlate data with video surveillance and deliver analysis on business trends, operations and performance

The Brickstream business analytics are part of a complete March Networks® Searchlight™ solution, and the Brickstream sensor is fully integrated with the March Networks 8000 and 9000 Recorders.

Key Benefits:

▼ Industry-leading business analytics. The sensor provides highly accurate, reliable data on number of enters and exits, queue lengths and wait times, service arrivals and service times, and transactions being conducted without a customer present.

▼ Part of the March Networks Searchlight solution. View Brickstream analytics data in Searchlight’s easy-to-use reporting dashboards to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and employee performance.

▼ 3D stereo sensor. The unit’s two lenses (“stereo view”) provide accurate metrics, even in high traffic, complex environments, and significantly reduce the false positives from shadows, black floors, reflections, etc.

▼ One-click auto calibration. The sensor automatically knows its installation height, and the process of setting up the analytics is simple and precise.

▼ Height filtering. Children can be included in, or excluded from, the count.

▼ No false counts from shopping carts. Based on height/mass information, you can exclude things like shopping carts and strollers from your count.

▼ Analytics at the edge. Capturing and processing analytics via the sensor, as opposed to on a server or in the cloud, provides real-time, accurate analytics, without degrading server performance or compromising bandwidth.

Highly accurate video analytics

Gather accurate, anonymous information on how people move into, around and out of physical places with the FLIR Brickstream® 3D Gen 2 analytics sensor. This powerful, purpose-built device captures real-time data on customer traffic, queue lengths and service times, enabling organizations to better understand and improve service, promotional efforts and profitability.

a crowd of people walks down the sidewalk

People counting

people wait in line at a coffee shop

'Queue length

a woman stands looking at shoes in a retail store

Dwell/service time

Presence Detection Metrics: Transactions being conducted without customer present 
With Searchlight you can learn: 
• Which kinds of transactions, e.g., refunds, voids, etc., are being conducted with no customer present, and whether or not they were valid 
• Which of your locations and/or employees have the highest number of no customer present transactions

Count Metrics: Enters and exits 
With Searchlight you can learn: 
• Peak and low customer periods 
• Which location/entrance has the most/least traffic
• Which location converts the most shoppers into buyers

Queue Metrics: Queue lengths and wait times 
With Searchlight you can learn: 
• The number of people in line and how long each has been waiting 
• When the maximum wait time has been exceeded 
• Whether there are too many, or too few, people in line

Service Metrics: Service arrivals and service times 
With Searchlight you can learn: 
• How long it takes customers to be served once they reach the counter or teller window 
• Average customer service speed 
• Percentage of customers who waited for longer than the acceptable wait time

High traffic? Dynamic lighting? No problem.

Other video analytics devices use 2-dimensional data, which can generate false counts in high traffic areas. The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 sensor uses advanced stereo vision technology to generate highly accurate data, even in busy crowds and areas with dynamic lighting conditions. The sensor can distinguish between children, adults, and other objects such as shopping carts, so you get the precise data you need to monitor customer behavior. Using patented technology, the device also collects time, location, height, speed, mass, and direction of travel, enabling sophisticated behavior analytics, beyond basic people counting capabilities.

 The Brickstream 3D sensor sits with a computer monitor displaying analytics data in the Searchlight user interface.