The Scout FO100-Exde Zone 1 crane camera include standard features such as an advanced industrial surveillance, high-resolution, colour camera unit with a thermostatically controlled heating element, integrated lens, 18x optical zoom, auto-focus (overrideable), advanced auto-iris and true day/night functionality, providing high picture quality even under poor light conditions.

Can be purchased as crane camera or fixed camera with these options:

  • Top-mounted pendulum bracket option for standard-boom cranes
  • Side-mounted pendulum bracket option for knuckle-boom cranes
  • SHB01 fixed camera bracket part
  • WB01 fixed camera bracket part
  • Certex-approved safety wire

The Scout FO100-Exde crane camera is designed to assist crane operators carry out the safe transfer of loads in explosive environments, even during blind lifts.

The crane camera is suspended with Scout CCTV’s patented PMB - a fully closed stainless steel magnetically damped pendulum bracket. The PMB can be attached to standard crane booms or knuckle boom cranes. The oil-free damping properties of the PMB are unaffected even under extreme temperatures (The PMB is not a part of the FO100-Exdecamera).


  • Day / night functionality
  • Highly durable stainless steel housing
  • Auto-correct for low-light level images
  • Can be installed on virtually any type ofcrane


  • 18x optical zoom
  • Securely mounts onto Scout’s oil-free PMB bracket and Certex-approved safety wire
  • Combines with Scout Safe Zone or /and Ex power supply, junction box, control box and cameras.
  • Pre-installed thermostatically controlledheating element

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