The SCOUT IPTC MK2 is easy to use, and require a minimum of maintenance. The camera station is equipped with sunshield, thermostatically controlled heating element and fully pluggable internal wiring.

The pan-tilt unit is armed with a location feedback system with active pre-positioning and is adjustable in both pan and tilt directions to secure the camera at a set point. The working area for the pan tilt can be set by adjusting the electronic limit switches.

The compact camera housing, pan tilt unit and integrated junction box are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and have an ingress protection of IP66.

The IPTC MK2 is equipped with a compact, advanced telemetry receiver that is programmable to suit a number of different telemetry protocols.

The camera station is equipped with a highresolution colour camera with true day / night functionality and 18x optical zoom lens.

An internal wiper motor with arm function can be included with the camera station. The system also includes a 10-litre pressure tank built inside a protective rack.


  • Optional wipe / wash function
  • Working area for pan tilt can be set by adjusting the electronic limit switches


  • Ingress protection grade of IP66
  • Hi-res colour camera with 18x opticalzoom lens
  • Compact explosion proof camera housingand pan-tilt unit manufactured in 316Lstainless steel
  • Autofocus (overrideable) and advancedauto-iris functions
  • True day / night function
  • Equipped with sunshield, thermostaticallycontrolled heating element and fullypluggable internal wiring

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