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Discreet 4MP dome with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and built-in IR.


  • 4MP resolution
  • Compact, modular design for discreet surveillance
  • Integrated IR LEDs for clear video in total darkness
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Features hallway mode (90° rotation for vertical view)

For retail customers who need aesthetically unobtrusive video surveillance, but require a full-featured dome, the ME4 Discreet IR Dome from March Networks® integrates IR LEDs, HDR and 4MP resolution to guarantee superior image quality, in a very discreet housing. The ability to incorporate IR technology into such a small footprint is unique, and allows the camera to see what the human eye can’t — even in complete darkness — without clashing with the existing décor.

Key Benefits:

▼ Low-Profile Surveillance. The camera’s modular design allows the encoder unit to be concealed inside a wall or ceiling, so only the inconspicuous dome — which measures just 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) in diameter — is visible.

▼ 4MP Resolution. Twice the amount of pixels as 1080p is the perfect amount of detail to see facial features, wardrobe details, merchandise, bill denominations, etc.

▼ High Dynamic Range (HDR) in 1080p resolution. The camera blends the best parts of several separate exposures together to combine the most focused, well-lit, and colorful parts of the scene.

▼ Integrated IR. The built-in LEDs provide uniform illumination in total darkness, which means users will see high-quality, low-noise video from over 49 feet (15 meters) away.

▼ Hallway mode. To capture vertically-oriented scenes, such as hallways and corridors, the camera provides a 90° rotation so images are created vertically, maximizing the field of view in narrow situations.

▼ 3-axis gimbal. The camera’s pan, tilt and rotation are adjusted by a single mechanism. This allows for single-handed positioning of the camera during installation and simplifies setup.

▼ Suitable for Air Handling Spaces. The dome’s UL plenum certification and separated base unit allow it to be installed in ventilation systems or drop ceiling air flow channels.

So small, you’ll hardly see it!

Capture high-quality video surveillance discreetly, day or night, with the powerful ME4 Discreet IR Dome. This full-featured camera measures just 2.5 inches (5.8 cm) in diameter, and has a modular design with a separate encoder, allowing for concealment inside a wall or ceiling. The camera is ideal for organizations that need reliable, inconspicuous surveillance coverage.

Two dome security cameras with their measurements are seen side by side.

Designer video surveillance? Yes, it’s possible

Security cameras now come in smaller sizes and are designed with a greater focus on overall aesthetic impact. And even though the camera body size may be small, many of these devices still deliver high resolution video and features like High Dynamic Range, and integrated IR LEDs for advanced nighttime surveillance.

the March Networks ME4 Discreet IR Dome security camera is mounted in a commercial mall.

Integrated IR for illumination in total darkness

The ability to incorporate IR technology into such a small footprint is unique, and allows the ME4 Discreet IR Dome to see what the human eye can’t — even in complete darkness. The camera features 4 micro-IR LEDs, which provide uniform illumination in darkness, capturing clear video of objects over 49 feet (15 meters) away.

A hand holds the ME4 Discreet IR Dome security camera