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MegaPX ATM Cameras 

3MP camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and low-light capabilities, specifically designed for ATMs and available in a choice of styles: self-contained (for standard ATMs) or modular (for tighter spaces)


  • High Dynamic Range for superior images in bright backlight conditions
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Choice of styles: self-contained or modular (modular is compatible with NCR 6634 and NCR 6684 ATMs)
  • Two M12 lens options for self-contained camera: 2.8mm standard and 3.7mm pinhole
  • Easy to install and won’t shift over time
  • Compliant with ONVIF’s S profile

For banks and credit unions looking for reliable, discreet surveillance at ATMs, March Networks® is your one-stop ATM camera provider. These cameras deliver crystal-clear images at close range, even in bright light or near-dark conditions. And because the cameras were designed for easy installation within the unique environment of an ATM, you’ll always get the perfect view of what’s going on in front of it, no matter the ATM size or style.

Key Benefits

▼ Accommodates every ATM model. Choose from the selfcontained camera for standard ATMs, or a modular camera for tighter spaces. Our portfolio of mounting brackets has been specifically designed for a wide variety ATM models, and we can also custom-design a mounting bracket for your specific application.

▼ Ideal view of ATM users. See an impressive 3 ft (91 cm) vertical view of the customer. Other cameras deliver a limited view of the customer, which results in loss of important details like wardrobe features.

▼ High Dynamic Range (HDR). The camera blends the best parts of several separate exposures together to combine the most focused, well-lit, and colorful parts of the scene.

▼ The camera stays in place. The mounting brackets feature a robust locking mechanism that withstands the daily door slams of the ATM cash vaulting process, so the camera will not shift, tilt or fall back over time.

▼ Find your critical video faster. The Face Detection and Presence Detection analytics allow you to review snapshots/video of each instance of a face being in the camera’s field of view.

▼ QR Code. Use the March Networks GURU smartphone app to scan the camera’s QR code for instant product information, like serial number, warranty information, etc.

Purpose-built for ATMs

Capture exceptionally clear surveillance video at ATMs with the MegaPX ATM Cameras. These compact covert cameras deliver sharp megapixel images at close range from the inside of leading ATMs. Because they were specifically designed for bank machines, the cameras are easy to install, and won’t shift over time, ensuring you always capture the perfect field of view.

Choose your camera style

Choose the MegaPX ATM Camera that fits best with your bank machine. The self-contained camera is for standard ATMs, while the modular ATM camera is ideal for tighter spaces, including popular ATM models like the NCR 6634 ATM. See our portfolio of mounting brackets below, or contact us if you require a custom-design mounting bracket for a specific application.

A surveillance image from a competitor's ATM camera compared to March Networks MegaPX ATM Camera.

High Dynamic Range for superior image detail

The MegaPX ATM Cameras use High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to capture both high and low exposure frames and combines them in real-time to create higher quality, better exposed images with the right balance of lighting.

A complete surveillance solution

Pair the MegaPX ATM Cameras with our 8000 Series 4-channel Hybrid NVR for a total recording solution. The 8704 Hybrid NVR’s compact design is perfect for the inside of ATMs, and seamlessly integrates transaction data with video to give you a more complete view of activity at your bank machines.

The March Networks MegaPX ATM Cameras and 8704 Hybrid NVR

See footage from the camera

Watch a clip captured by the self-contained MegaPX ATM Camera.