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The Scout 100-Exde-ME4 IP camera include standard features such as an advanced industrial surveillance, high-resolution, colour camera unit with a thermostatically controlled heating element, integrated fixed lens, advanced auto-iris and true day/night functionality. 

The camera is providing highpicture quality even under poor light conditions.The camera is certified for use in Zone 1.

The Scout 100-Exde-ME4 camera can beThe Scout 100-Exde-ME4 camera can bepurchased as crane camera or fixed camera.

As a fixed camera the Scout 100-Exde-ME4 camera can be used in a crane camera system to monitor spooling devices, or in a CCTV system asa fixed camera.

The fixed camera has a wall mount and are secured with a Certex-approved safety wire (notpart of the Scout 100-Exde-ME4 camera).

As a crane camera the Scout 100-Exde -ME4 camera is designed to assist crane operators carry out the safe transfer of loads in explosive environments, even during blind lifts.

The camera can be suspended with Scout CCTV’s patented PMB 03 - a fully closed stainless steel magnetically damped pendulum bracket. The PMB 03 can be attached to standard crane booms or knuckle boom cranes. The oil-free damping properties of the PMB 03 are unaffected even under extreme temperatures. (The PMB 03 is not a part of the Scout 100-Exde-ME4 camera)


  • Day / night functionality
  • Simple operation and easy installation
  • Highly durable stainless steel housing
  • Can be installed on virtually any type ofcrane
  • Compact design


  • HD Video up to 1080p at 30fps on H.264stream
  • Automatic wide dynamic range function
  • Camera with pre-installed thermostaticallycontrolled heating element
  • Connects with a standard halogen-free, mud resistant Cat7 cable for transmission of video, telemetry and power