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Lightweight standard definition indoor analog dome incorporating IR LEDs.

For customers who want to incorporate (or replace their existing) analog cameras, the SDA Indoor IR Dome from March Networks® provides great coverage at a low price. This camera is the perfect choice for facilities requiring an analog camera that delivers clear images and accurate color reproduction in a variety of lighting conditions, including bright backlight and low-light environments.


  • Standard definition indoor analog dome
  • Low-light sensitivity
  • Built-in LEDs for uniform illumination in total darkness
  • Lightweight (less than 1lb) and ideal for ceiling tile installation

Key Benefits

▼ See color in low-light environments. The camera’s excellent low-light sensitivity lets you discern colors — even in near dark conditions — before the IR technology kicks in.

▼ Integrated IR. The built-in LEDs provide uniform illumination in total darkness, which means you will see high-quality, low-noise video from over 100 feet (30 meters) away.

▼ Settings optimized out of the box. The camera’s default settings are ideal for indoor ambient lighting environments; no adjustment required.

▼ Icon-driven on-screen display. For applications that require some fine-tuning, it’s easy to make adjustments to the camera image via the easy-to-use on-screen display.

▼ Vivid, accurate color. The camera’s color reproduction quality is superior as compared to that of some legacy analog cameras.

▼ Ideal for ceiling tile installation. Because the camera is so lightweight (just 0.66 lb), it can be safely installed, even on older ceiling tiles (nuts and washers included in box)

Cost-effective indoor camera

Capture clear video surveillance images, even in near dark conditions, with the SDA Indoor IR Dome. This standard definition analog camera is an ideal choice for customers that want to maintain or replace existing analog devices. It delivers vivid, accurate color images, and has built-in LEDs that illuminate the darkness, up to 100 feet away.

the SDA Indoor IR Dome security camera with its dome covering off

Ideal for ceiling tile installation

At less than 1lb, the SDA Indoor IR Dome is lightweight, making it easy to install in ceiling tiles. The camera is also easy to setup, with default settings that are optimized out of the box for indoor ambient lighting.

SDA Indoor IR Dome