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2MP dome with HDR and built-in IR, for indoor applications.

For customers who have challenging lighting conditions and need a flexible field of view, the SE2 Indoor IR Dome from March Networks® integrates IR LEDs and High Dynamic Range (HDR) to deliver high-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions, from bright light to complete darkness. And the adjustable zoom and focus settings allow you to get the perfect field of view.


  • 2MP dome for indoor applications
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Integrated Smart IR for illumination in total darkness
  • Convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting helps reduce storage and bandwidth usage

Key Benefits

▼ High Dynamic Range (HDR). The camera blends the best parts of several separate exposures together to combine the most focused, well-lit, and colorful parts of the scene.

▼ Integrated Smart IR. The built-in LEDs provide uniform illumination in total darkness, which means users will see highquality, low-noise video from 100 feet away. Additionally, the camera automatically adjusts the intensity of the IR LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object, so the object is not overexposed when it gets too close to the camera.

▼ Save money on storage and bandwidth. The camera’s low bit rate (LBR) setting reduces storage and bandwidth usage by 50% or more in most applications; streams can drop below 1Mbps at 2MP (15 fps).

▼ Image is always in focus. The camera can focus automatically based on zoom position, allowing it to remain in constant focus.

▼ Remote zoom and focus. No need to manually zoom and focus from the top of a ladder. Installers can zoom in and out remotely with the click of a mouse.

▼ Hallway mode. To capture vertically-oriented scenes, such as hallways and corridors, the camera provides a 90° rotation so images are created vertically, maximizing the field of view in narrow situations.

▼ No need for pipe threader on-site. The EMT mount is perfect for high ceiling drop installations; it allows the dome to be affixed directly to a pipe (e.g., PVC) without the need to thread the pipe.

1080p video with a flexible field of view

For customers who need to capture high-definition surveillance video in difficult lighting conditions, the SE2 Indoor IR Dome is the ideal camera. Combining High Dynamic Range and powerful built-in IR LEDs, the SE2 Indoor IR Dome ensures high-quality image capture, even in bright light or total darkness. The camera’s Smart IR technology conveniently adjusts the intensity of its LEDs based on an object’s distance from the camera, avoiding overexposure and giving you just the right amount of illumination.

the SE2 Indoor IR Dome security camera is seen with its dome covering off.

Save money on storage and bandwidth

The SE2 Indoor IR Dome features a convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting that can reduce storage and bandwidth consumption by as much as 50% in most applications. Streams can drop below 1Mbps at 2MP (15 frames per second).

Add a smoked dome

A smoked dome accessory is available for the SE2 Indoor IR Dome. Smoked domes are ideal for retail, banking and other environments where hiding a camera’s line of sight without obstructing the field-of-view can help deter potential crimes by making it difficult to see where a camera is pointing.