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4MP dome with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and built-in IR for or indoor and outdoor applications.

For customers who need to monitor activity in a variety of lighting conditions, from bright light to complete darkness, the SE4 Outdoor IR Dome integrates IR LEDs, HDR, P-Iris, and 4MP resolution to guarantee superior image quality, regardless of lighting. The camera is protected by a weather-proof (IP66), vandal-resistant (IK10) enclosure, and generates an alert in the event someone attempts to obstruct or move the camera.


  • 4MP resolution
  • Smart IR LEDs
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • Compatible with ONVIF-S Profile
  • Convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting helps reduce storage and bandwidth usage

Key Benefits

▼ 4MP resolution. Twice the amount of pixels as 1080p, 4MP delivers the perfect amount of detail to see facial features, bill denominations, etc.

▼ Save money on storage and bandwidth. The camera’s low bit rate (LBR) setting reduces storage and bandwidth usage by 50% or more in most applications; streams can drop below 1Mbps at 4MP (15 fps).

▼ High Dynamic Range (HDR). The camera blends the best parts of several separate exposures together to combine the most focused, well-lit, and colorful parts of the scene.

▼ Integrated Smart IR. The built-in LEDs provide uniform illumination in total darkness, which means users will see high-quality, low-noise video from over 131 feet (40 meters) away. Additionally, the camera automatically adjusts the intensity of the IR LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object, so the object is not overexposed when it gets too close to the camera.

▼ P-Iris. The enhanced video clarity and depth of field offered by the P-Iris allows objects close to and far away from the camera to remain in focus, simultaneously.

▼ Remote Zoom and Focus. No need to manually zoom and focus from the top of a ladder. Installers can zoom in and out remotely with the click of a mouse.

▼ Hallway mode. To capture vertically-oriented scenes, such as hallways and corridors, the camera provides a 90° rotation so images are created vertically, maximizing the field of view in narrow situations.

Smart IR technology for better image quality

See objects in the dark at distances of over 131 feet (40 meters) away with this powerful outdoor IP camera. The SE4 Outdoor IR Dome incorporates Smart IR technology, which automatically adjusts the camera’s IR LEDs to ensure the proper exposure. Also ideal for highly contrasted scenes, the camera features High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that works to blend several exposures together into the most focused, colourful and well-light video possible.

a comparison of nighttime surveillance video featuring a man’s face is seen showing IR on and IR off on the camera.

Save money on storage and bandwidth

March Networks’ SE4 Series IP Cameras feature a convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting that can reduce storage and bandwidth consumption by as much as 50% in most applications. Streams can drop below 1Mbps at 2MP (15 frames per second). Watch and see how it works.

Designed for extreme weather

Capturing video in very hot or cold climates? The camera can operate in temperatures as low as -67°F (-55°C), and as high as 131°F (55°C). Additionally, the dome’s enclosure has an IK10 protection rating so the internal camera is safe from extreme impact.

the ME4 Outdoor IR Dome is seen with an optional wall mount and sun shield.