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The modern, linear design of ULISSE EVO THERMAL combines maximum strength and operationalreliability with greatly reduced weight. This means easy and quick assembly and therefore lowerinstallation costs and zero maintenance. It is designed to guarantee total reliability and continuousoperations in the most challenging outdoor environments. It is ultra-resistant to corrosion andcan withstand a wide temperature range (from -40°C to +65°C). The extra-sturdy structure isguaranteed by IK10, IP66/IP67/IP68, NEMA TYPE 4X and TYPE 6P protection ratings. Exceptionalwind resistance up to 230km/h with PTZ moving at maximum speed.

ULISSE EVO THERMAL has obtained Lloyd’s Register Marine Type Approval for the maritime andshipping sector and complies with the standard for railway applications.

The modern, linear design of ULISSE EVO THERMAL combines maximum strength and operationalreliability with greatly reduced weight. This means easy and quick assembly and therefore lowerinstallation costs and zero maintenance. It can even be mounted upside down, in the typical speeddomes position. The supports can be supplied with quick-fit connectors for Ethernet/PoE, powersupply and I/O. This means the unit can be replaced quickly and easily in case of on-site intervention.


The integrated thermal camera can identify targets moving in the dark or at distancewith extreme accuracy. As well as this, it has radiometric functions that allow precisetemperature detection based on the image’s 4 main pixels. The device can be configuredso that it independently generates a Radiometric Alarm and/or Warning via ONVIF Eventson the VMS. For example, an event can be sent when: the temperature is below a settablevalue; the temperature is above a settable value; the temperature is between two settablevalues; the temperature is outside two settable values. This function is particularly usefulwhen monitoring industrial processes.

In camera models with advanced radiometric functions, up to 5 ROIs (Regions of Interest)can be set for each preset position. The defined ROIs are scaled proportionally to thedigital zoom. So, when zooming in the ROI is increased and when zooming out theROI is decreased. PTZ ROIs are set to preset PAN and TILT positions (not zoom) so theythen change in relation to the zoom. In camera models with advanced radiometricfunctions, thermal cameras offer three temperatures: minimum, average and maximum.Radiometric rules can be linked to exceeding one of these three temperature thresholds.


The GeoMove function offered by the ULISSE EVO THERMAL uses two connected camerasthat communicate with each other through intelligent language, meaning advancedactions can be carried out in even the most basic surveillance systems.

GeoMove can be used with fixed or PTZ cameras that have VIDEOTEC ANALYTICS andmonitor a certain area. When a target is sighted, the camera sends the geo-coordinates ofthe target to a ULISSE EVO THERMAL PTZ that uses them to frame the target.

The GeoMove function can interface with third-party software that gives an objectsgeo-coordinates, such as Video Management Software (VMS) for traditional videosurveillance where a target needs to be shown on a map, or Vessel Tracking Service (VTS)for navigation control services (also combined with radar control systems).


Videotec guarantees the excellent strength and reliability of the entire “all-in-oneproduct” range with hundreds of verification tests. The mechanics, electronics, positioning,networking, software video analysis algorithms and firmware are designed by Videotec’sin-house end-to-end team which, therefore, possesses 100% of the know-how of all thenetwork products offered.

At the heart of Videotec's product development is the concept of cyber-sustainability. Tohelp customers protect their video surveillance systems and keep them secure, Videotecprovides constant updates, training and support throughout the lifecycle of its products,regardless of how old the device is or whether it is still for sale.

Thanks to digitally signed firmware, password-restricted access, access control, centralisedmanagement of certificates and compliance with ONVIF Security Service specifications,Videotec guarantees that all its IP products will have the highest level of security duringdata transfer and device access.

ULISSE EVO offers the Videotec guarantee of a reliable, cyber-safe, future-proof platformthat is easily integrated with third-party products. Videotec’s new video analysis functions,combined with ULISSE EVO advanced technology and image quality, ensure the very bestlevel of protection for people, goods and property.