Command Client

View live and recorded video, and manage alarms and surveillance resources, with our powerful software client, featuring a customizable user interface

From small standalone facilities to global enterprise applications, March Networks® Command™ Client provides all the features users count on to make their jobs easier and more intuitive. The sophisticated, yet simple and flexible interface helps you monitor video, audio and data in real-time. Plus, it exponentially reduces the time you spend on post-incident investigations, and allows you to deploy and maintain your surveillance infrastructure with confidence. The user interface is customizable based on job responsibility, whether it’s a “live video only” guard or a super-administrator responsible for the system’s health and maintenance. So users and administrators alike will be able to jump right into their daily routine, with almost no on-the-job training required. Access and manage all of the devices on your video surveillance network via any March Networks recorder, virtual machine (VM), or any user workstation running a Windows® environment.


  • Customizable user interface
  • Flexible viewing options (multiple grid layouts, simultaneously display multiple views from the same camera)
  • Intuitive search tools for rapidly locating video evidence
  • NEW 100% web-based client with remote access enabled for common browsers, including both PCs and Macs

Key Benefits

▼ Customizable user interface based on job responsibility. Each user sees only what’s needed to perform their job, in the language of preference, dramatically reducing the learning curve and training requirements. Additionally, users can customize the system navigation using Personal folders.

▼ Multiple viewing options. View video from a single camera, or from multiple cameras in flexible grids. Play live and archived video side-by-side. Simultaneously display multiple views from the same camera for comparison. Playback and export synchronized audio and video.

▼ Perform different tasks on separate monitors. Undock workspace or dashboard tabs and “float” them to any other monitor connected to your computer.

▼ Intuitive search tools. Search for recorded video evidence using your search method of preference, including timeline, visual finder, thumbnails, motion histograms, and smart search (search for motion in specified areas of recorded video).

▼ Manage and acknowledge system alarms. Sophisticated alarm handling helps users respond immediately and more efficiently to critical situations.

▼ Build, share and export cases. Create case folders containing multiple evidence files (video, images, and notes) for export, and share those cases with other colleagues.

▼ Direct connection to servers and recorders. In the event the Command Enterprise Server is unavailable (e.g., network issue, database maintenance, etc.), Command Client can connect/authenticate directly to Command Recording Servers as well 8000 and 9000 Series Recorders.

▼ Interactive mapping. Import maps to create visual indications of where cameras and other resources are located, complete with camera PTZ functionality.

▼ Powerful system administration tools. Deploy and manage complex video surveillance systems with ease. For a more in-depth look at the intuitive system administration features, check out the Command Enterprise brochure.

New Web Client

March Networks Web Client is a new 100% browser-based solution that provides users with a simple, easy to use interface to access video from both PCs and Macs using common browsers. The sleek, modern interface—complete with breadcrumb navigation—helps you monitor video, audio and data in real-time.

Computer monitor displaying new Web Client interface

Spend less time searching for video

March Networks’ Command Client gives you focused tools for rapidly gathering video evidence. The software’s timeline search function and thumbnail images help you move quickly from months to minutes, so you can zero in on the exact video you need. Bypass unwanted recordings with Command Client’s motion histograms and smart search features, which allow you to search by motion in the scene.

Customizable user interface

Customize Command Client’s user interface based on job responsibility. Limit some users to viewing video only, and expand others’ views so they can see system health and other important data. System administrators can easily track all user activity and system access with detailed reports on each user’s operations, resources accessed and updates performed.

Customizable user interface diagram

Powerful case management tools

Easily save video clips, images and case notes into case files, and export your evidence to a PDF, CD, DVD or the USB port of a March Networks recorder. Include March Networks’ proprietary Command Player for easy playback of video in the Command Multimedia Evidence (.cme) file format.

the March Networks Command Client user interface displays case files in the queue for export.

Sophisticated alarm monitoring

Quickly respond to critical situations with Command Client’s advanced alarm monitoring tools. Handle alarms from multiple recording platforms simultaneously with real-time processing and pre-programmed actions for video, audio and event data. The software’s 35 customizable actions allow you to configure the perfect response to each alarm. All alarm activity is recorded in the software’s database, so you have a comprehensive record of all activity.

A monitor displays the Command user interface in alarm view

System requirements

For recommended Command Client software system requirements, please download our System Requirements documentation.

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