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View live and recorded surveillance video from your smartphone or tablet with our free app.

March Networks® Command™ Mobile and Command Mobile Plus smartphone apps allow you to view live and recorded video on your mobile device. The apps workseamlessly with the cameras on your March Networks 8000, 9000, X Series, or RideSafe recorders. Additionally, Command Mobile is compatible with our Command Recording Software. Both apps run on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.


  • View live and recorded video from your smartphone or tablet
  • NEW! Command Mobile Plus with enhanced viewing options
  • Access camera information including name, frame rate, data rate and more
  • Remote access without port forwarding (enabled through NAT traversal)
  • Digital zoom or “pinch to zoom” in live and archived video
  • PTZ camera control, including the ability to select preset positions
  • De-warping of live or recorded Oncam 360° camera views
  • Runs on iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Free from the App Store and Google Play

 Key Benefits

▼ Situational awareness. Remotely conduct a “virtual patrol” to assess a situation in advance, prior to taking action, including PTZ control and dewarping of compatible 360° cameras.

▼ Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal. Connect directly to your recorders—even those behind a firewall—without having to open additional ports.

▼ Synchronized with Command Enterprise Software. The app is an extension of Command Client, so it accepts your existing Command login credentials, and gives you access to the folders, views and cameras already set up in Command Enterprise Software.

▼ View live and pre-recorded video. Search for archived video by time and date, then use the timeline slider to move back and forth in the recorded video.

▼ Pinch to zoom. Easily control zoom settings and see the details you need.

▼ View camera information. See each camera’s name, frame rate, data rate, date and time.

▼ Adjust video quality. For both live and recorded video, you can adjust the video to achieve the perfect balance between image quality and frame rate.

▼ Get additional benefits with Command Mobile Plus. Command Mobile Plus offers additional features, such as additional camera displays, full HD for tablets, 32x fast forward/rewind, and the ability to email a snapshot.

New Features in Command Mobile Plus

  • App is synched with Searchlight’s Transactions Report
  • View voids, discounts or any other transactions from the app
  • Enhanced navigation view with multiple cameras on screen
  • Crop, stretch, and toggle between camera layouts
  • Instant snapshot email notifications when something  occurs
  • Fast forward and fast rewind – up to 32x

* Command Mobile Plus is currently only available for users connected to Command Enterprise Server 2.10 or higher.

Two viewing options to choose from

Depending upon which version of Command Enterprise Software you’re using, you can choose from either Command Mobile or Command Mobile Plus. Both apps allow you to watch live or recorded video from your smartphone or tablet. Command Mobile Plus offers enhanced viewing options, including the ability to crop and stretch different views and the option to receive instant email notifications when something suspicious occurs.

Remotely monitor your business

Save time and money by monitoring your business remotely with the Command Mobile smartphone app. Free from the App Store and Google Play, the app provides convenient access to live and recorded surveillance video from your personal smartphone or tablet. Conveniently manage operational issues, monitor location cleanliness, review signage and displays – all from your mobile device.

 Surveillance images are displayed on a phone using the Command Mobile app.

Secure remote access without port forwarding

Command Mobile and Command Mobile Plus support remote video access through the Network Address Translator (NAT) traversal capability. This method allows you to connect to your March Networks recorders securely from any location without a VPN, direct connectivity, or the need for port forwarding.

A smartphone displays video surveillance images in the Command Mobile app

Synchronized with Command

Command Mobile works seamlessly with the cameras on your March Networks X Series8000 Series, 9000 Series or RideSafe recorders, allowing you to use the same login credentials and access all the same personal folders as your desktop application. Quickly access store locations and cameras by name, view frame rates and adjust video for optimal viewing based on available bandwidth.

a mobile phone displays the system view from the Command Mobile app

Controlling PTZ Cameras and De-Warping Oncam 360° Cameras with Command Mobile

The Command Mobile app supports de-warping of live and recorded Oncam 360° camera views, and also lets you control PTZ cameras. Watch how it works.

Command Mobile Plus with enhanced viewing options

Flexible viewing options

Command Mobile Plus* is an enhanced version of Command Mobile and offers flexible viewing options from your mobile phone or Apple and Android tablets. Crop and stretch any view, and toggle between camera layouts. Zoom in and out on any scene, and choose a multi-grid view to see several camera angles at once.

Command Mobile Plus multi-grid view on a tablet and smartphone

Compatible with our Health Compliance Solution

Command Mobile Plus is compatible with the March Networks Health Compliance Solution for easy on-the-go viewing of occupancy information, displaying camera and recorder availability, and more.

Health Compliance Solution app on mobile phone

Instant notifications and video control settings

Replay desired recorded footage by using the calendar icon on your device, and if you notice something suspicious, take a snapshot of your camera view and send it via email or through other communication applications on your phone. Fast forward and rewind recorded footage and switch between high, low and auto viewing mode based on the video quality you desire.

* Command Mobile Plus is currently only available for users connected to Command Enterprise Server 2.10 or higher.

Two smartphones side by side demonstrating the notifications feature on Command Mobile Plus
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