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8704 S Hybrid NVR

4-Channel Recording Platform. Ideal for ATMs and other space-restricted areas, the 8704 S Hybrid NVR is a powerful recording platform with an impressive array of
features including multi-level H.264 encoding, an internal battery backup and support for alternate stream recording.

The 4-channel Hybrid NVR from March Networks® delivers video that’s always there when you need it, and the advanced tools that allow you to quickly find the evidence you need. Get your job done faster — from installation to investigation — with this appliance-based hybrid NVR as the backbone. Designed with economy of space in mind, this robust, reliable, and feature-rich recorder is ideal for installation in standalone ATMs or in any space-constrained location. The recorder’s hybrid flexibility lets you to continue with your existing analog cameras, or move to HD IP cameras when the time is right.

Key Benefits

▼ Embedded, Linux-based, and purpose-built. Spend more time performing investigations and less time dealing with maintenance issues that can plague a PC-based recorder.

▼ All camera licenses included. No need to pay for separate channel licenses; benefit from a full-featured recording platform right out of the box.

▼ Configurable recording policies. Record video based on userdefinable variables like schedule, motion, analytics, etc.

▼ Real-time health monitoring. Be alerted to camera, recorder and network issues within seconds.

▼ Network policies for bandwidth protection. Maximize overall system performance with features like bandwidth throttling, maximum retention settings, multi-sector archiving, and selective video recording.

▼ Front panel QR code. Use March Networks’ free GURU Smartphone App to scan the recorder’s QR code to check warranty status, get in-field diagnostics support, do on-site wireless provisioning, or even initiate an express RMA.

▼ Powerful video management software. With March Networks Command™ Recording Software and Command Enterprise Software, you’ll be equipped with the features and tools you need to easily manage your video surveillance system.

▼ Get a complete view of your business. Supplement your surveillance video with March Networks Searchlight™ Software and the Brickstream® Analytics Sensor. This further enhances your evidence by incorporating powerful business analytics (e.g., people counting, queue length, and wait times), and ancillary data (e.g., POS, ATM, teller, RFID, weapon detection, and license plate recognition).