24-Channel wall-mount modular Recording Platform Supporting HD Analog. 

Our 24-channel tribrid NVR is ideal for mid-to large size businesses that are migrating from standard analog video to high-definition (HD) resolutions and above. This powerful recorder uses HD analog and PoE modules to support a variety of IP, HD analog and traditional analog video configurations, up to a maximum of 24 channels. With its space-saving wall-mount design and built-in camera power, the 8724 V Tribrid NVR is a convenient, cost-effective video recording solution

The 8724 V Tribrid NVR supports up to 24 IP or HD analog cameras, making it easier and more cost-effective to transition from standard analog to HD or higher resolutions. The recorder’s built-in high definition over coax (HDoC) technology allows customers to re-use their existing analog infrastructure to capture HD resolution from cameras. The recorder is wall-mounted with concealed cables and a locking mechanism to keep it secure. And because the recorder is embedded, Linux-based, and purpose-built, customers can spend more time performing investigations and less time dealing with maintenance issues that can plague a PC-based recorder.

Key Benefits

▼ Built-to-order. The recorder’s modular design accommodates any combination of 8-port camera modules (PoE or HD analog), up to 24 inputs. Customers can purchase only what they need, and expand incrementally as required.

▼ High-definition video transmission over coax. The recorder offers robust performance for HD analog over your existing coax.

▼ Built-in power for cameras. Power all cameras without the need for an external PoE switch or other power supplies, reducing the overall equipment cost.

▼ Secure enclosure. The internal components can be accessed by approved personnel only, and the recorder’s cables can be concealed by routing them through the rear of the enclosure or through conduit connected directly to the enclosure.

▼ All camera licenses included. No need to pay for separate channel licenses; benefit from a full-featured recording platform right out of the box.

▼ System-wide health monitoring. March Networks® Command™ Enterprise Software equips users with the features and tools they need to easily manage their entire surveillance system, including, daily backups, user administration, and upgrades/patches.

▼ Integrate surveillance video with POS, teller and ATM transaction data. Customers can combine the recorder with March Networks Searchlight™ for alerts about potential theft, and powerful search tools that reduce investigation times from hours to minutes.

▼ QR Code. Use the free GURU smartphone app to scan the recorder’s QR code for instant product information, like serial number and warranty information, or even to initiate and RMA.

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