Compact, rugged mobile recording and management solution for mid-sized vehicles like student shuttles and paratransit fleets

 Increase passenger and operator safety on-board your mobility vehicles with the March Networks® RideSafe™ MT IP Recorder. Available in 4-channel and 6-channel models, this all-IP recording and management solution lets you capture everything that’s happening on the bus, inside and out. Whether you have one bus or a thousand buses, this plug-and-play recorder can operate as a standalone unit (programmable through embedded software), or be remotely managed and monitored daily (through March Networks Command™ for Transit VMS). It can integrate into your existing CAD and AVL systems and mobile routers, or it can operate independently. The recorder’s compact size, rugged design (including solid state electronics, integrated power supply, and battery backup), and wide range of interfaces and communications options will meet all of the mobility industry’s standards.


  • All-IP recorders available in 4 and 6-camera models
  • Integrates with existing CAD and AVL systems to capture vehicle metadata like GPS, speed and hard braking incidents
  • Front-panel LEDs for easy diagnostics
  • Real-time health monitoring, remote live video access and data logging/search with March Networks Command for Transit

Vehicle metadata integration

Easily gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle metadata such as GPS location, vehicle number and speed, for comprehensive oversight of driver behavior and detailed post-incident investigations. 

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Command GPS metadata

Key Benefits

▼ Front panel LEDs for easy diagnostics. LEDs convey information about the recorder in general, as well as operational, recording, and export status.

▼ Embedded, Linux-based, and purpose-built. Spend more time performing investigations and less time dealing with maintenance issues that can plague a PC-based recorder.

▼ Real-time health monitoring. Be alerted to camera, recorder and network issues within seconds.

▼ Vehicle metadata integration. Use your CAD and AVL systems to gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle data such as GPS, speed and heading, and incorporate that data into the recorder. An integrated accelerometer tags video for hard brakes and other incidents; this allows for re-enactment, driver monitoring and investigations.

▼ Configurable recording policies. Record video based on user-definable variables like schedule, motion, incident/event, etc.

▼ Powerful Video Management Software. With March Networks Command for Transit VMS, customers are equipped with the features and tools they’ll need to easily manage their entire fleet as well as their fixed surveillance. Features include health monitoring, remote live video access, data logging/ search, fleet revision management, GPS mapping and more.

▼ Automated video and data extraction. Trigger automatic downloads, via Wi-Fi or 4G network, of critical video when the bus returns to the depot.

▼ Extended thermal range (ETR) models available. The ETR models contain an industrial SSD instead of a commercial SSD; this allows the recorder to operate better in extremely hot environments and heat up faster under extremely cold conditions.

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