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We offer technical solutions and service for VSAT antennas and modems onshore and offshore.

To ships, drilling platforms, oil platforms and land-based installations.

EPAK maritime VSAT antennas are designed to deliver top-performing satellite Internet connection on-board according to exactly your needs. Operating on vessels of any kind all over the world (leisure yachts, fishing vessels, cruising companies, workboats, oil and rig platforms, international army projects) our stabilized, auto-tracking antennas are state-of-the-art, easy-to-install systems that provide you with voice (VoIP) and data-connectivity everywhere at sea.

Sizes: 60 cm, 90 cm, and 130 cm dish diameters

Skew: auto-skew


  • Flexible Networks: Set up different networks and variable prioritisations, handle each network separately and set up various user rights.
  • LTE Plug & Go SIM Cards: You can insert two local SIM cards into the antenna's control unit to access low-cost, high-speed Internet when a 3G/4G network is available.
  • Remote Management Access: Access, monitor and control with the EPAK satellite antenna from every location in the world or set up an automated system diagnostics including event logging.
  • Help Desk: Technical support and free remote assistance and available any time during and after warranty.
  • High BUC power: Equipped with powerful transmitter units -up to 16W for increased upload performance.
  • Quality performance: Speed of up to 50° /s per axis and highest tracking accuracy for a stable connection in stormy weather and rough seas.