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HD Maritime Satellite TV On-Board

A TVRO (TV Receive Only) is a fixed or gyro stabilized parabolic receiving system for TV signals from satellites. The distribution system for these signals could be IPTV or digital DVB-C or DVB-T.

To ships, drilling platforms, oil platforms and land-based installations.

EPAK maritime satellite TV antennas track the satellite signal while the ship is in motion. The fully automated systems can operate on all Ku-Band services worldwide. EPAK's TVRO stabilized antennas are easy to install and operate for getting access to thousands of TV channels from all over the world. Including Hispasat, Astra, Thor, Nilesat or Hotbird. Their reliability and performance have gained the trust of many public and private customers.

Sizes: 60 cm and 90 cm dish diameters

Skew: manual or auto-skew

LNB: Single, Twin or Quattro for multiple users


  • Several satellites to select from: You can store several satellites and easily switch between them using a shortlist.
  • Connect several receivers: By using multi-switches you can have any number of receivers watching different TV channels at the same time.
  • DivKit: A dual antenna system provides remedy if the installation location is not ideal. The DivKit automatically switches to the antenna with a clear view and thus prevents interruptions due to obstruction.
  • Help Desk: Technical support and free remote assistance and available any time during and after warranty.

Entertainment systems are divided in 3 components:

TVRO (TV Receive Only)

  • A fixed or gyro stabilized parabolic receiving system for TV signals from satellites.
  • A Distribution System for these signals such as: IPTV, DVB-C or DVB-T.

A Signal Processing Component which is a central system where TV channels and other information are added or removed as required via a middle-ware system collectively known as IPTV.