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Helideck - HAV

The Scout helideck camera system is an IP based stand-alone system supporting up to 32 cameras for monitoring the helideck and helicopter traffic. The system consists of one monitor, one network recorder and camera power supplies, all to be installed in safe zone. The cameras are certified Ex de, and can be used in Ex zone 1 and 2.

In addition to using existing cameras, it is offered to use new EX and none-EX camera types as fixed cameras and as controllable PTZ in 316L Stainless Steel.

Our camera and video solution for the oil gas industry can be offered with connections for both analog cameras and IP cameras, as a simple standing solution or as a larger solution with, for example, integrated recording from helicopter decks where the camera images and radio connection are recorded and stored, in accordance with with the Aviation and Data Protection Authority, as well as the EU's GDPR regulations.

Our helideck system is in compliance with The Civil Aviation Authority of Norway (CAA - Luftfartstilsynet) BSL D 5-1 "Regulations relating to helicopter operations – use of offshore helidecks", chapter IX, §40-41 regarding communications equipment and video surveillance.

The data is encrypted and cannot be manipulated without being tagged. The solution from the manufacturer March Networks can be supplied with NVR recorder for 4, 8, 16 or 32 camera inputs, in addition to providing IP and analog cameras used for the system.

The video solution gives users an advantage of being able to log in from their client PC where the video solution can be monitored from, in addition to having a video wall solution where screens can be displayed in control rooms for general monitoring and notification.

Apart from this, project-based solutions are created and adapted for an optimal video solution for the end customer.

Comes as hybid NVR with ev. Switsch as har PoE+. Can also use existing Analog or IP Camera for upgrading existing equipment. Anything but Herni's camera.

The camera includes standard features such as an advanced industrial surveillance, highresolution, colour camera unit with a thermostatically controlled heating element, integrated lens, auto-focus (overrideable), advanced auto-iris and true day/night functionality, providing high picture quality even under poor light conditions. The camera module can be equipped with a wide-angle adapter for better overview of the helideck

The network recorder has centralized management of up to 16 IP cameras, including configuration, information import / export and real time display. The NVR has instant playback for assigned channel during multi-channel display mode. The NVR is connected to the monitor using the HDMI output Optional monitor size.


• 4MP Resolution
• Day / night functionality
• Simple operation and easy installation
• Highly durable stainless steel camera housing
• Compact design
• Video and audio recording
• 100% customized as needed
• GDPR complied
• System and network protected - secure storage
• Made in Europe and USA / Canada
• Analog and IP camera compatible

• Alarm connection module
• Cloud solution - own or customer's
• Searchlight - image storage - for example per hour/day, etc. - option
• Analysis software option
• Linux based operating system on server (not MS on hold)
• High service life of servers - not replaced - upgraded
• Software - Command - back compatible on equipment/server/camera
• Software - coded for better packet transmission between camera and server and client


• System power 100 – 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Camera with pre-installed thermostatically controlled heating element
• Connects with a standard halogen-free, mud resistant Cat7 cable for transmition of video, telemetry and power