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Flexible system solutions


High quality SCOUT camera systems are designed with personal and load safety in mind so you can be assured you are using the very best equipment for the job. Not only that, SCOUT products pair with standard CAT7 cables making SCOUT systems probably the simplest monitoring systems to install for offshore cranes


The Zone 1 Ex p cabinet and Combo Monitor is a fully consolidated unit with the combined functionallity of GLM 1708 17” LCD monitor, power supply and control board built into apressurised Ex p cabinet.

The enclosed NTSC/PAL compatible Ex P Combo LCD Monitor comes with built-in DVR for recording and can operate in combination with up to 4 Scout Ex or Safe Zone cameras.

The Zone 1 Ex p monitor cabinet is a fully sealed stainless steel pressurised enclosure that can be supported with custom-built ceilingmounted brackets.

Optional Cran Cameras with Magnetic Pendelum:

  • Scout 100C - NonEx
  • Scout 100C Exd - Exd Zone 1 / 2

Optional Fixed Cameras:

  • Scout 100F - NonEx
  • Scout 100F Exd - Exd Zone 1 / 2

Optional Junction Box:

  • Pro-Box 100 - NonEx
  • TNCN101007 – Exe