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The Scout CCTV winch safety monitoring system includes up to four fixed cameras, an LCD monitor, power supply unit and junction box.

The system can be configured for Zone 1 / 2, and / or Safe Zone use.

The Scout CCTV 100F wall-mounted stainless steel fixed camera is also available in Zone 1 / 2 and Safe Zone models.

All Scout CCTV cameras come with a pre-installed heating element and a pre-terminated pigtail for easy connection to a junction box. Standard mud-resistant, halogen-free CAT7 cables are used for transmitting video, telemetry and power.

The Scout DVRS-08D LCD monitor is a high quality, sunlight-readable unit with the industry's best triplex functionality with video / audio recording, playback, & network capability, which can all be run simultaneously, streamlining the use of CCTV systems. Users can access live or recorded feed from fixed or PTZ cameras directly at the location of the DVR installation, or anywhere in the world using web-browsers. The video may be stored at a remote location for safety.