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IP video solutions for retail
Enhance security, speed loss prevention investigation times and gather critical operational intelligence with the video surveillance solution trusted by some of the world’s largestretail organizations 

Leveraging video to help with COVID-19 compliance 
Leverage your existing video system to gather real-time occupancy data and comply with new COVID-19 related rules. The March Networks Health Compliance Solution delivers a suite of new features to help retailers monitor and measure occupancy in real-time, rapidly detect individuals who may have an elevated body temperature, and ensure compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures. 

A powerful solution for shrink 
Shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft can all eat into your bottom line. Fight losses with intelligent video surveillance that lets you rapidly find suspicious activity – from irregular point-of-sale (POS) transactions to backdoor theft – and match it with corresponding video evidence. Our powerful fraud-fighting tools reduce time spent searching for the ‘right’ video and speed loss prevention investigation efforts. 

Gain competitive advantage 
Get a complete view of your business with March Networks Searchlight video-based business intelligence software. Use Searchlight’s powerful combination of video surveillance, analytics and POS transaction data to understand customer behavior, conduct operational audits, and assess and improve marketing, customer service and store performance. 

Advanced POS integration 
Integrate your March Networks video surveillance system with your POS system for valuable transaction analysis and reporting tools. Go beyond exception-based reports with business analytics that scour your transaction data for irregular activity, and provide real-time alerts about suspicious behavior. 

Leverage your RFID investment 
Get loss prevention and inventory management together in one solution with our Searchlight-RFID integration. By combining high-definition video surveillance with RFID data, this integration helps you investigate losses faster, track and manage inventory more effectively and gain unprecedented insights into your business.

The Health Compliance Solution

Safety First - Keep your customers and employees safe during COVID-19

As businesses reopen, business owners need to create an environment that is safe for all occupants, while still delivering exemplary customer service. The Health Compliance Solution from March Networks® delivers real-time alerts — complete with video — about site occupancy, elevated

body temperatures, and compliance to health and safety policies (like safe hand washing practices), at all of your locations.


  • Count all customers entering and exiting your facility
  • Get real-time alerts when occupancy limits are getting close or have been exceeded
    • Local monitor changes color and indicates total number of current occupants (and how far over the threshold you are)
    • Local Philips Hue light illuminates to alert management and employees
    • Automated text message notifies management
    • Automated email and/or “Telegram Communicator” (free app in Apple Store and Goofgle Play) contain pertinent information and a link to a snapshot from the in-store camera
  • Limit the number of employees in shared spaces, including kitchens, break rooms, and offices
  • Occupancy threshold warnings help you stay ahead of the game to keep occupants safe
  • Public view monitor communicates occupancy levels to customers