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Scoutcctv is pleased to present a series of underwater cameras and underwater lights.

As industry leaders in subsea cameras and underwater imaging systems, we build custom solutions that meet the unique challenges of marine researchers from around the globe. Our modular subsea cameras, lasers, and LEDs covers a broad range of marine research applications that enables our clients to build complete imaging systems to specifically fulfill their challenging technical, operational, and integration needs.

Built to order, subsea camera solutions are as unique as our customers.

All cameras are digital and they are depth range from xx meters to xx meters depending on the type and scope of application.

They can be mounted or mounted on a pole or other suitable equipment.

You can find cameras with powerful optical zoom on e.g. aaX, camera with free panning and xxx° tilt. Some also have powerful LED lights.

By offering modular integration with ROVs, AUVs, Observatories, Autonomous Operations, and more, cameras like the Rayfin have the advanced ability to adapt to researchers' unique needs.

Scoutcctv offers cameras are purposely built to withstand severe marine environments while consistently delivering 4K and HD subsea video and imaging.