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See what’s happening across your transportation network with our enterprise-class video management software solution. Command for Transit lets you monitor activity from inside your vehicles, as well as from stations, depots and other fixed environments, from a single, user-friendly interface.  Track activity as it moves throughout your network for a more complete picture of your operation.

Find evidence quickly with Command’s Incident Search, featuring integrated HD video and vehicle metadata. Search for events such as speeding vehicles or use of hard brakes using a date and vehicle location. 

Leverage WiFi technology for automated video extraction in WiFi zones like vehicle yards or depots.  Automatically download recorded video and apply software updates as vehicles enter WiFi zones – no manual intervention required.   This wireless capability also lets you view live or recorded video from any vehicle, on demand, via the RideSafe NVR or the vehicle’s wireless router.

Over 33,000 buses, trains and subways are equipped with March Networks mobile surveillance.


  • Fully integrated solution for onboard and wayside environments
  • Remote video monitoring and real-time viewing via wireless hotspots
  • Automated, high-speed wireless video and data extraction


  • Integrated vehicle metadata evidence
  • Rapid search and robust case management
  • Supporting up to 10,000 vehicles and 128,000 cameras