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Stay safe in the dark - let us show you how

Check out our system designed for marine vessels.

Helideck HAV system approved by CAA

Our helideck HAV system is in compliance with The Civil Aviation Authority of Norway (CAA - Luftfartstilsynet) BSL D 5-1 "Regulations relating to helicopter operations – use of offshore helidecks", chapter IX, §40-41 regarding communications equipment and video surveillance.

Text Overlay on a Camera Image

Sometimes it may be useful to take text from an external source and display it over the top of an image. March Networks systems cameras can display weather information in the bottom right hand corner and be dynamically updated from the weather source.

Camera surveillance

AIRPORTS AROUND THE WORLD know how important it is to have a robust, reliable security system. Senior management at Torp Sandefjord Airport in Norway were well aware of the threats and security risks when they performed a review of their video surveillance Technology in 2014.

Command Mobile Plus 2.0 with POS Transaction Data Now Available

Command Mobile Plus 2.0 now allows retail customers using March Networks Searchlight to see their point-of sale (POS) transactions integrated with video on their smartphone or tablet using the app. This means retail customers can quickly verify voids, discounts or any other unusual transactions right from the app.

Scout CCTV release a new camera and audio/radio communication system

Here we present an integrated solution for helicopter decks where the camera images and radio connection for helicopter decks are recorded in a secure technical way where the recordings are saved in a proper and good way, in accordance with data security in general and the EU GDPR regulations. The data is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

This equipment complies with paragraph 40 and 41 in BSL D5-1

Scout CCTV secures Fugro OCEANOR camera Product line

Scout CCTV AS secured the acquisition of Fugro OCEANOR camera Product and parts.

Scout Scout CCTV AS for over a decade has specialized in CCTV equipment developing and manufacturing much of the technology previously found in Fugro OCEANOR crane camera systems and CCTV systems.